As a child, trips to the mountain were a usual weekend plan amongst my family. I enjoyed running around and looking for mushrooms and it was a way to let go the stress from the routine.

What was a weekly activity has turned into something I do really occasionally . Now, weekends are meant to be spent studying at home, going out with friends or binge watching tv series. But that, of course, just makes going to the mountain more exciting.




WHERE? First of all, you need to decide where you are going to study. In an optimal situation, a student should have their own room to do school work, since a lonely place helps concentration. However, if this is not your case, you can go to the local library, outdoors or in a cafe as an alternative, preferably early in the morning or really late, when there isn’t a lot of people.


WHEN? Get a study routine and stick to it. If you are like the rest of us mortals, you will try to make up excuses not to open that book, but if you aren’t strict with yourself you will end up procrastinating and leaving things for the last day.

Short periods of studying in different days are more effective than one long session since our brain also gets tired and may reach a point when it won’t absorb more information.

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WHAT? There is no limit to the extension or depth of your studying. That’s why you need to plan carefully the general organization of your tasks, the order in which you are going to perform them and the time you will spend in each one of them, according to their difficulty.

HOW? The secret of good academic performance is knowing what works for you. Some study techniques suit people with great visual memory, while others focus on practical learning. Experience a little bit and find out the best options for every subject (you don’t want to study maths the same way you study history).

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Personally I think it’s essential to combine interest, comprehension and practice in order to learn. I know you can’t choose whether if you are into the subject or not, but try to make it at least a little bit interesting. As for comprehension it is pointless to just read through your book pages, you need concentration to comprehend what the meaning of what they say is. Then you want to synthesize the main ideas of the text for easy memorisation. Once this is done you can check what you have learned through practice and go back to the previous step if there is something your brain hasn’t retained.

Natural skincare


Showing up to my local beauty store, I got amazed by a huge shelf that held a wide variety of products from Dr. Organic. After some minutes of hesitating I took with me a tightening eye serum from the argan morocco oil range and a moisturizer from the dead sea mineral one. The price seemed more than reasonable.


Their most popular ranges are pomegranate and aloe vera. However, I feel so satisfied with the result of the ones I chose. They are light, subtly scented and the moisturizer even has a glow that makes the moment of applying it feel like magic. The eye serum saves my life every time I stay up late, making me look like a decent human being the next morning.

According to the Dr. Organic website, they only use the finest natural and organic raw materials wherever possible. They also state that when an organic ingredient can’t be utilized they replace it for a sustainable natural or naturally derived alternative.To know more about Dr. Organic’s compromise with their costumers click here.

Despite of their products not being organically certified, they keep their ingredient list all natural and don’t include any harmful substance often present in beauty products, such as silicones or parabens.


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